Matador Prime Asset Management is built on a strong fundamental trading foundation.

With years of proven results our strategies have been vigorously tested by market conditions and our own demanding statistical and economic analysis. Our ability to maintain and analyze large volumes of data, stay ahead of market turmoil, and mitigate and control risk factors allows us to implement a multi-tiered investing approach.

Matador Prime’s investment strategies are a combination of proprietary algorithmic systems based on various market conditions, volatility, and data. Allocation of trading systems based on trending, breakout, and range market environments are derived from extensive internal research and testing. We designed our market-neutral approach to profit from price oscillations across multiple currencies, while reducing risk by limiting exposure to any single currency.

Our strategies can be accessed through the Matador Prime family of funds, funds of partner institutions, or tailored investment vehicles developed on an ad-hoc basis for qualified investors.

Derived from 16+ years of trading experience, the technology gives investors the historically proven opportunity to grow their assets. To view product performance or request more information sign up below: